Complaint Policy

Any report filed or formal complaint against a CCSMP will be evaluated on a one-off basis by the BCCSMP. For a report to be officially reviewed, the complaint must be submitted in writing, through a document outlining the alleged grievance with all available information and evidence. Once a signed written complaint is received, the BCCSMP will acknowledge receipt within 14 days. If the complaint is not within the BCCSMP’s scope, the claimant will be notified and no further action will be taken. If ruled within the board’s jurisdiction, The BCCSMP will review complaints to evaluated whether or not the CCSMP acted in opposition of the CCSMP Code of Conduct.

Once a final ruling has been made, both claimant and alleged will be notified of decision as well as any actions the BCCSMP will take as a result. There is no appeals process and all BCCSMP rulings will be final.